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Here at Shelton & Company, we believe that keeping your information safe and secure is a priority.  Not only that...it's the law.  CPA firms are required by law to make sure that your personal information is keep confidential and secure.  We have purchased Sharefile, a division of Citrix, to help manage the file storage and transmital of sensitive information using extensive encryption coding and password recognition to ensure that your information gets to us and back to you securely.  There are several methods of trasmitting sesntive information to us. 
  1. Direct access to a Sharefile folder:  We can create a specific folder through the Sharefile portal that is only accessable by you or our firm employees.  It is password protected and stored on state of the art Citrx servers.  This gives us the opportunuty to access your information anywhere as long as we have an internet connection.  File transfers to and from the folder happen in real time.  As soon as it's done uploading, we can see and have access to it.
  2. Email Encryption:  In addition to standard encryption services, our Sharefile Email Encryption plug in allows us to embed the attachments directly into the body of the email, making it harder for hackers and cyber threats from accurately identifying the information contained within the email itself.  This also helps to allow for larger file sizes to be transmitted through the email without triggering the size restriction many email servers have.  In addition, if a client responds to the email with the embedded information, the reply is encrypted as well.
  3. Client access directly through our webiste:  Sharefile allows us a share file 'drop box' in order to send a file or files directly to anyone here at Shelton & Company.  Click on the link below to get started.   

We are committed to making sure that your information is secure and protected.  If you have any questions about our Sharefile software, please let us know. 

Sharefile File Drop


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